The Elektra guarantee

Money transfers with the safety and trust the Elektra brand offers, now in the USA

Grupo Elektra has almost 30 years of experience in remittances payments in Mexico and Latinamerica.

With the knowledge of being the top payer of international transfers in Mexico, Elektra decided to create its first origination platform in 2021.

Elektra Go Lite is born as a way of connecting families, no matter the distance.

Our payout network in Mexico

Physical locations

2,000 Elektra and Banco Azteca branches

Bank accounts

Directly to Banco Azteca accounts

Have your loved one receive the money using the Banco Azteca or baz mobile apps!

3 easy steps:


Share the Elektra Go Lite transaction number with your beneficiary.


Instruct them to use the Banco Azteca or baz mobile app.


Have your beneficiary enter the transaction number to receive the money in the app.

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